Garage Door Repair


Vera Jennings


So always arrive home just as the sun is rising up into the morning sky from a long shift at the nursing home I work at just to find out that our garage door has been slacking lately, I don’t know if it was the huge amount of coffee I had but I only just noticed it. My partner said it has been happening all week. So I decided to call up Newmarket Garage Doors and Doors and they had a technician come out the same day. Something about the torsion springs that need to be replaced. They also provided me and my partner with some helpful tips to keep the springs lubricated. It was very quick service. I am so Thankful to them!

Garage Door Panel Repair


Berry Wiseman


After getting home from my daily outing. I tried to pull my car inside I pulled the garage and close the door. But forgot to put the car in park and it ended up hitting the garage door. Oh man, I was so upset. I took a second to gather myself and I called for help. Newmarket Garage Doors and Doors sent me one of their techs, he come out and assessed the situation. I liked the same day service as the tech replaced one of the panels and my garage door looked like new again. much appreciated for all their help.

Garage Door Opener Replacement


Adam Nighte


Working shift in the dead of night is not always a simple task. when my garage door opener didn’t want to work last week I was ready to just say screw it. I usually keep my car in the garage but I just left the issue alone and decided to park my car in the driveway. Yeah not a smart idea. It got broken into. So I decided to call in Newmarket Garage Doors and Doors and they came to my aid. They replace my faulty garage door motor and sensors and that same day they had my garage door working like new again. Thanks so much guys.

Garage Door Track and Roller Replacement


Silvano Telieno


I called Newmarket Garage Doors and Doors because my wife had noticed a few issues with our garage door. We had a tech come out to check it on it and let us know what the issue was. They explained that they had to replace the rollers and some cables that were worn out. It was done fairly quickly and at a great price too. I would recommend them to everyone.